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Stress level is increasing as the end of the challenge is merely a little more than a week away and there is still so much to be done!

Today, I continued working on my build and managed to make some progress. I also had some pending circuits to be soldered.


Last time, I worked on the front side of the build. Today I started the back side.

I installed the brackets holding the reservoirs in place and cut side panels. The whole thing has also been put on wheels, making it slightly easier to move around.

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPG

Finally, I cut a plexi back panel which can slide into place. This makes it easy to remove in case electronics need to be accessed.

photo 4.JPGphoto 5.JPG

Some points still to be tackled:

- install reservoirs and ensure dispensing in bowl

- install electronics

- finish and paint the build

I have already prepared some spacers for the electronics, So I should be able to just screw everything in place using the mounting holes.

photo 2.JPG



There are 2 little circuits that were still waiting to be done some day. And today, was that day.

The first circuit is just a little power splitter.

Taking input from the power supply via a little screw terminal, the splitters offers 3 USB ports and 3 screw terminals to connect devices to.

I didn't need that many, but at least the system is ready for possible expansion

photo (1).JPG

The second circuit is a GPIO splitter.

With different modules for the Raspberry Pi, making use of different pins on the GPIO header, I made my own custom Pi rack.

The circuit provides connectivity for the Raspberry Pi GPIO and splits it to:

- Power + I2C for my custom RF433 transmitter with ATtiny85

- Power + UART for the EnOcean Pi

- Power + SPI for the RPiSoc.

photo 1.JPG

That's it for this update, off to get more done before the end of the challenge ...