We are very pleased to announce that Jay Morreale has won the Runner Up Award in our Forget Me Not design challenge.


Jay applied his engineering know-how to making his 100 year-old Victorian home more energy efficient using the products sent to him as part of the challenge. For winning the Runner Up Award, he has won:


  • A Rapiro DIY Robot Kit





Living in a 100 year-old Victorian home in New Jersey, Jay outlined the following goals for his Forget Me Not application:


  • Did I leave the door unlocked?
  • Did I leave the iron on?
  • Did I water the plants
  • Did I feed the cat?


He built a sensor system based around the Raspberry Pi Model B+Raspberry Pi Model B+ which included a modified reed switch to identify an open door, a temperature sensor to determine if the iron was left on, a moisture sensor to determine if the plants need water, and a force-sensitive resistor to monitor if the cat bowl requires refilling:




You can read all about Jay's home monitoring system in his synopsis. He writes, "It's been a very educational experience and I’ve learned a lot about building and integrating systems with wireless energy harvesting devices into IoT smart devices."


Congratulations to Jay Morreale for winning the Runner Up Award in our Forget Me Not design challenge!