We are very pleased to announce that Mark Beckett has won the Community Choice Award in our Forget Me Not design challenge.




Mark developed a brilliant remote monitoring solution for senior citizens called the eLDERmon. Because of his creative design and strong execution, Mark has won an EnOcean EDK 350 KitEnOcean EDK 350 Kit





Concerned about the well-being of seniors citizens in his native New Zealand, Mark sought to create a remote monitoring device which would allow caregivers to unobtrusively monitor a person's health.


As Mark described:


The idea was not to see instantaneous status, but data based on historic information that could be minutes, hours or longer old.

This information would then show trends, or changes in the normal pattern, which may trigger an action.


I called this eLDERmon.



Over the course of the challenge, Mark used a variety of humidity sensors, light sensors, motion detectors, and temperature sensors to quietly track environmental factors in a senior's home environment. It was very important that his device be as non-intrusive as possible:


There are many elderly that prefer to be independent, not rely on others, or have a fuss made. While they are capable, there is still a requirement to passively monitor them to ensure small problems don't become larger health problems.


Mark therefore cleverly disguised the Raspberry Pi Model B+Raspberry Pi Model B+ as a book where its many connections would be hidden from view:




You can read all about Mark's eLDERmon system in his synopsis. As he states, the design challenge was "...enjoyable, frustrating, educational, inspirational, rewarding, co-operative, and many other words. It has been a pleasure to be involved, and to learn new 'stuff' from so many other people I've never personally met."


Congratulations to Mark Beckett for winning the Community Choice Award in our Forget Me Not design challenge!