I took all of my things to Cape May thinking I would do some coding tests with the individual Neopixels.  Between all the walking around and all the Victorian architecture, I never got to it.  I did get very inspired to someday create a lamp based on the Frank Furness gasolier I saw in the Physick house (only with LED's, of course).  Speaking of LED's,  I think Neopixel LED Strips are rather precious, so I've been sort of putting off cutting my 5m strip.  Afterall, it did look pretty amazing illuminated as one piece.  As a woman, I compare it to having someone tell you to cut apart a pearl necklace.  You would probably do so with extreme caution.  One of the reasons I was worried, was that I had read that there were solder points that you would have to de-solder.  However, with a magnifying glass, I quickly put an end to that concern.  Apparently you can use a regular scissors or an exacto to cut most lengths, unless you happen to come across something like this.




It turns out that I only had one strip with that concern, so I was able to cut all the other strips needed.  Slash, slash, slash!!!!  For the soldered joint, I'll be taking that to my hackerspace to see if we have a long blunt tip for the soldering iron as recommended by Adafruit.  If not, I'll take my chances with my borrowed wonky model.  For now, I'm happy to have most of my lengths cut, and that means I can start hunting down some pretty white wire for my pos. and ground leads.  It will make things more difficult to troubleshoot, but it will look nicer.




Finally, I did a test of one of the individual strips just to make sure I sleep okay tonight.  Did I mention how much I love LED strips?  If you dropped these into Philadelphia schools, there would be a lot less violence.  Oh yeah, I'll try to give you a video of me de-soldering -- that will be another LED strip newb event!  Happy LED dreams....