Unfortunately I haven't found much time this week to do anything more on the electronics side of the project, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get back on to it and get a nice chunk of it sorted as I've got nothing else planned.



I have however been thinking about the jacket I'm going to attach the kit too.


My first choice is to make the jacket myself, as I've been wanting to make another jacket since making a smart-casual cotton jacket last year, so here's my chance


I had a look through the patterns and have decided on Jalie 2795 http://www.jalie.com/zip-front-hoodie.html


I've also got some fabric which I think would be nice for this project,although I have a feeling that it may be hard to sew on my machine, but I'll give it a go and see!

It's a light blue mesh/eyelet fabric, which should be light enough to not be too heavy or warm, but keep the wind off my skin to stop me from getting too cold.


If the first choice of fabric is a no go then I've got samples of various sportswear fabrics which I will consider, although they all seem a little heavier than I was aiming for.


The second option is to go out and buy a jacket as the base for the project, but I'll have a go at the first option before I consider this.