I'm still on the fence about whether to connect all eight LED strips through their communication line, or have them wired individually.  In the meantime, I decided to check out some Neopixel code to see what my options were.  Obviously that was fun!



So, although I'm able to hack this code somewhat, I'm still not clear about some of the INT values.  So, I don't think I can make a decision yet about connecting the communication lines.  It appears to be easier for me to just keep the strips separate.  However, if I wanted to change the code in the future to do something more impressive, it would definitely be more advantageous to have them all connected.  In the case of rain, it just makes it trickier because I don't want some of my raindrops falling down, while others are falling up.  I would definitely have to code for allowing different LED strips having movement in different directions.  Possible, but a bit trickier for someone like me that is not fluent in C and having challenges identifying how pixel naming works.  So many decisions!  Of course all of them are exciting.  Here's where I ended up with the code so far:






Too much cool stuff to talk.  I'll write another blog post soon to update you on my visit to my hackerspace -- Hive 76.  Woo hoo!