Unfortunately due to a small but constant stream of visitors and other events which have come up, I've not got as far along as I'd have hoped, and this post has taken me a week to find time to post due to work, but I'm hoping to get on top of it again soon!


I've got a day off work booked on Thursday, so I'm planning to try to crack through most of the code, assuming everything goes to plan.


As I was doubtful about sewing the thin fabric I decided to buy an extra meter of the same fabric it to make a polo shirt before I went and tackled the jacket, although I bought it in a different shade of blue so I can wear it with the jacket without it all looking to similar (although the collar has been done in the jacket's light blue, just to make the polo shirt stand out when worn on it's own).


It's very light, and described as a mesh, which on close inspection it is, but it is dense enough that it is not see through, which is perfect for what I want.


The polo shirt went well, although it ended up spread over two weekends instead of only one like I had planned, but it's quite nice to wear, so I'm happy with it.

My only issues with the fabric was that single layers of the fabric, were so thin they were dragged under the plate and jammed in the bobbin mechanism, which was a pain. I solved this by passing through the edges of the fabric on top of a sheet of baking paper, which worked surprisingly well. Next time I'll use dressmakers tissue paper as it would be easier to remove from the stitches, but I couldn't quite put my hand on it and wanted to get on with the project so I made do.


Here's the shirt:



Now I'm going to start on the jacket, so far I've traced off all the pieces in the correct size and cut them out, now trying to fit them on to the fabric in the right orientations!

Here's all the pieces to deal with: