I just returned from an exciting Open Hardware Summit in Boston.  It was great to meet so many other people jazzed about controllers and educational kits.  I brought some of my FLORA parts hoping that I would work on them, but instead, I toured a hardware startup called Bolt, hacked my badge and mingled with a ton of other women equally passionate about gadgets.  Oh yeah, and I finally got to meet Limor Fried of Adafruit fame!  Here's a pic of me, Limor, and one of my fave tech friends, Brooks Zurn.  Yes, the skirt I'm wearing has LED's on it -- it mimics the orbit of the International Space Station.  Needless to say, my mind was spinning and I wrote down some more project ideas, as well as some new "to-do's" for me and Philadelphia


Adafruit Fame.JPG


Okay, back to the FLORAbrella!  I decided to take out the Adafruit Color Sensor today.  I must say that this piece is amazingly compact.  In fact, I had to get out my magnifying glass just to make sure I was hooking it up correctly.  Usually I work with Adafruit's test programs first, but I was having difficulty getting them to work.  It may be because I was working with the FLORA instead of another type of Arduino.  Nevertheless, I went straight to a program I felt confident about -- the one for the "Chameleon Scarf".  This program has the sensor blink three times reminding you to give it a color swatch.  One you apply the color, it will turn your LED's the same color.  Check out my demo...




My next step will be to test my switch.  So much to do, but I love it.  Oh yeah, did I mention that one of the guys at my hackerspace says that he loves my videos because I act like I've had five Redbulls?  Just for the record, I'm a decaf Chai Latte with Almond Milk.