The coding is basically done, now for the construction.  Just wanted to let the other competitors know where we are 2/5ths of one costume complete (see video below).  These costumes are going to be hard to beat if everything comes together (and if I don't underestimate the amount of current it takes to run the LEDs).  I burned through a breadboard wire this morning experimenting with a boost converter.  Originally I intended to use 12v batteries but I already have a bunch of 7.4V batteries to power bicycle lights so I now think I will power each adult costume with two 7.4V 6800mah bicycle batteries in parallel and the baby's costumes with a 7.4 as well.  Hopefully that will give us hours of operation.  There is not much LED brightness to be gained between 8V and 12V and I can stay under the 9V current max of the FLORA (question to Becky Stern: while I was wrestling with what type of battery to use I really wanted to know if 9V was the true max for the FLORA.  I could not spot the voltage regulator on the board to look up a spec sheet.  I know most arduinos are built to handle 12V.)


This project is making the house a mess but we are committed to finish the costumes by the deadline.