Hi everyone, so sorry it took me so long to get another blogpost online. But you'll be hearing (or rather, reading) from me today and later this week!

I have to start this post with some sad news, because I have a suspicion that my Floraboard is not functioning as it should. I can upload my program to the board and so long as I keep the Arduino IDE running, the program works just fine. But once I unplug the Flora, shut down the IDE, and plug the Flora back in, the program I just uploaded is gone. The board is recognised by my computer and the onboard LED on the color sensor is on. Other than that, nothing works!


I inserted two close-up pictures of my Flora board. Just above the TX-pin, there's a chip that is supposed to be lying flat, but it is standing on end. Victor soldered it flat some time ago, but is it possible that it still has something to do with these problems I'm having? And is anyone else experiecing similar problems?


Any ideas/suggestions anyone?




Flora_1.jpg Flora_2.jpg