September has been crazy busy.  I can remember the last few days of August just as I was gatting into full swing with Wearables challenge and then Whoosh or something like that,  its nearly the end of September and the challenge part of the Wearables challenge will be coming to an end soon.

I decided that after coming up with the initial design I would do some work with each of the components I would be using.

First up was the Neopixels.  Initially had a bit of a problem as I rushed through reading the Adafuit instructions and rather than downloading the correct Example file for the Neopixel I tried running the Florapixel example, which unsurprisingly didn’t work.

Once I had corrected that and ran the correct example they worked great.

Looking at the Neopixels made me realise something. As  I wanted to use a lot of pixels sewing a lot of individual pixels would be a real pain, and could potentially lead to a lot more failures on the garment.  I realised the  the solution to this was to  use the Adafruit Neopixel ring. 

Here is a video of my first test of the NeoPixel rings 

I love the weird glow effect that my rubbish phone camera has produced.  The Neopixel Rings are really bright.  I found that the standard battery pack would only power around five  of the Neopixel rings.  I really want to use  seven  so have decided to buy a Lithium Polymer battery and charger and test that with the Flora and Neopixels.  It may be the case that I have to write my code so that it limits to just a few of the Neopixel rings but will see how it goes.

I'm going to post my experiences with the other Flora components I'm using soon along with a much needed update on the actual project (Hint: it involves a lot of sewing copper briaid)