Jeej! I finished my entire project today And I'm pretty happy with the result too! Last night we finally finished the colorissues as well as the conductive fabric buttons and we could put the whole camera together.

Yesterday I showed you a picture of the inside of the camera as it was then. Here's a picture off what it looks like now:


In the end we used the CapacitiveSensor library to get the conductive fabric buttons going. CapPin library looks very nice, but doesn't work on battery power, only when connected to USB port (found that out last week)! The other option was to use the CapacitiveSensor library (mentioned here: This uses one extra pin (additional to the button pins) and some resistors. Originally a buzzer was planned to make a sound at fail or succes, the pin meant for the buzzer could be used to drive the capacitive buttons. So: no buzzer, but working conductive fabric buttons.


The ends of the blue wires are soldered to springs. In those springs you can also attach the conductive thread that leads to the three buttons. This is necessary because otherwise I would never be able to savely remove the foam from the camera!



As said, we also came up with a briljant idea to ensure the best possible colorsensing! We thought that the sensor couldn't pick up the right colors because of the interference of the onboard LED. It shines nice and very bright.. So Victor used his insane solderingskills to desolder the LED from the pcb and then soldered it to two pins which he then soldered back on the pcb.. Crazy stuff! But all worth it in the end, because it works so well!

IMG_0252.jpg IMG_0253.jpg


Okay, time to get some sleep now.. We all need to be well rested for the last day of the challenge!

I promise I'll show you my entire project tomorrow, including my last minute ""must-add-more-colors"-madness.. I even made a video!


Thanks again for reading and sleep well!