So only two more things need to do today. I need to write my final post containing a video of the ColorCam, and I want to show my newest adition to this project.


When we were experimenting with the colorsensor we quickly found out that a large, bright colored surface works better than a small surface. So I decided to make some large objects that a kid could use with his ColorCam. At first I made them out of paper, but that didn't seem right. Kids and paper, it usually becomes a mess pretty quick, they tend to chew on it and throw it around.. So I made them out of the same stuff that I used to make the camera.. Felt!


So now, when a kid wants to play with the ColorCam, he not only plays a game and learns about all the different colors, he also learns what things have those colors..


Let me show you:


IMG_0285_klein.jpg IMG_0284_klein.jpg

IMG_0224_klein.jpg IMG_0230_klein.jpg IMG_0225_klein.jpg IMG_0227_klein.jpg IMG_0233_klein.jpg IMG_0221_klein.jpg


Every flap has two pictures on it, but this gives you a pretty good idea.

This doesn't really fit in the whole concept of an electronics challenge. But I had so much fun making them and I think this really completes my project, so I wanted to share it with you anyway


Stay tuned for the final post this evening