Wow, it has been quite a project.  From my beginning research of unique umbrellas, to wiring individually addressable LED Neopixel strips and facing 3D printing – I’ve just learned so much.  Adafruit’s Forum has been outstanding, along with the support I’ve received from the Element 14 folks.  Anyway, I was going to shoot my video last night, but yesterday my dog had to have a sudden operation to remove a cancerous tumor.  This is Lucci, the amazing Italian Greyhound.


Lucci Sick.JPG




Don’t worry, it went well, but after seeing him so fragile and woozy, there was no way to leave him in the house alone.  So, I had to shoot tonight with the help of my husband and a friend (love you, Annarita Gentile!).  It was all done with an Iphone, how funny is that??  So, without further ado, this one is for you.  Hugs, kisses and open hardware to tout le monde! (hint, hint).