I'd like to think that my hat is now done. Well version 1.0 at least. I have already started to think of ways that I can improve upon it, but I'd like to think I managed to make what I intended to at the start of the process:


"The basis of the hat would be a traditional bonnet and to this bonnet the NeoPixels would be part of the flowers. They would be the middle of the flower head. From them petals would be made either from colourful paper/acetate with a frame of some sort (the material of which I haven't decided on yet) or mirrored card, which ever material shows off the light emitting from the NeoPixels the best. The Gemma itself would be incorporated into the hat, by making up the centre of the bow as ribbon would encompass the hat."


hat finished.jpg


Video 1 - The hat unlit:



Video 2 - The hat lit:



Video 3 - The hat lit in the dark:



(As you can see I'm very imaginative when it comes to naming videos! )


So there is my hat. It's far better than I thought I could achieve. I'd like to thank Adafruit and Element 14 once again for giving me the opportunity to make it. This process has also resulted in me doing a lot of "firsts". It was the first time I had attempted to do anything that came under the umbrella "Wearable Technology", it was the first time I had sewn with conductive thread, it was the first time I had written from scratch my own Arduino code and it was the first time I have ever written a blog! So with that last point in mind I'd like to say: hopefully my posts weren't too boring and a massive thank you to anyone has taken the time to read them and has given me feedback and helpful hints! I think I may have the "Wearable Technology bug" and can't wait to move onto new projects in that sphere. Thanks!