It is done! It's been so long but now its done! I'm glad that the contest is finally over, but I also wish it didn't have to come to an end! I can't believe I built the entire helmet (mostly) without help. it has been really cool making videos and posts (even if I messed up a bit sometimes) I hope I will be able to do something like this again.


I ended the music in case it was driving anyone crazy.



I do intend to mold the helmet and make casts to sell on ebay (so look out for that I guess), so I may do a few blogs on that as well. We will see.


Since we left off:

-wires were hot glued to the helmet (most of them anyway)

-sun-glass lenses were glued

-magnets were placed in ears

-padding was placed to ensure a better fit



time took to make - approximately 1 3/4 years (could be made sooner)

cash spent - anywhere from $200 - $350 ( didn't have anything to start with, I had to buy everything! [except for the starter kit])



again the code can be found here: (sorry, couldn't find a way to attach it)

(scroll down to find it)


components of the helm:                          

-1 Gemma

-1 Lipo battery

-1 tactile push button switch

-8 neopixels

-lots of wire

-lots of magnetic tape

-2 plastic holders

-2 plastic lenses

-2 sun-glass lenses

-2 sets of parachute clips



Processes used/make up of helm

1. Visualization

2. Printing/cutting

3. Folding/gluing

4. Fiberglassing

5. Adding Bondo

6. Sanding

7. Priming/painting

8. Adding magnets/clips

9. soldering/adding tech

10. Adding accessories


Things that could have gone better:

-The broken neopixel

-I ran out of hot glue!

-if I had more magnets (one ear only had a few)


Things to know:

-helmet is best worn at daytime

-have a friend help you put the clips in


Special thanks:

Dad - Thanks for tips and encouragement

Mom - Thanks for helping

Tom -Thanks for loaning soldering stuff

William - Thanks for the magnetic tape and helping me brain storm



Thanks to element 14 and Adafruit for hosting the contest (and for picking me as a finalist!) and a huge thanks to anyone who watched! I may not sound like it in the end of the video, but i'm really glad to be here! Good luck to all the other competitors, (you guys made some really cool stuff!)

and I will see you all again next time!


-Jordan Cowley