Good morning and thank you to all who applied for the In the Air Design Challenge.  It hasn't been easy for the partners to identify the competitors for this challenge: we received many ambitious (sometimes too ambitious) and detailled proposals.  However, we've selected the following competitors:
  • Janis Alnis (Latvia)
  • Dominic Amann (Canada)
  • Ravi Butani (India)
  • Christever del Rosario (New Zealand)
  • Ambrogio Galbusera (Italy)
  • Dragan Knezevic (Serbia)
  • Crystal Knodel (U.S.)
  • Ryan Longlong M. Labutap (Philippines)
  • Manolis Nikiforakis (Greece)
  • Inderpreet Singh (India)
  • Gan Eng Swee (Singapore)
  • Anshul Thakur (India)
  • Frederick Vandenbosch (Belgium)
  • Dale Winhold (Canada)
  • Michael Wylie (U.S.)
You can find out more about their projects by clicking here.
Please note: the final deadline for the challenge has been adjusted to February 27, 2015.
Thanks again, and to our competitors, Good Luck!.