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This chapter I will share about PCB design.This PCB design in under progress. I will talk about the design, problem, solution and related issue.

It simply straight forward since we have dedicated hardware and all the related component with no major changing.




I still follow the previous idea to build device in box and PCB in multistage. In PCB design I will start from ground up. But I will not explain in detail about the workflow. Sorry all, just don't have enough time to make a detail report.

Since I not getting the Eagle V7 pro software, I will using existing software for this PCB design.

The plan is to design one PCB for all. This mean one PCB design support for BBB, CC3200 or MSP430FR5969 and other component.


EAGLE CADsoft V7.1

The Eagle V7 is using for the BBB because you can just download the lib from Element 14. For my case I feel that it wasting my time because they have limited space for eagle 7.1 freeware. I cannot place the BBB and other component at the location needed. I don't know what is the size limit for this Eagle V7 freeware but it not support up to 120mm x 120mm PCB.

I also using Würth Elektronik library that also only support Eagle CAD version 7. In the picture show the example the BBB and connector from Würth Elektronik. For those who have interest at Würth Elektronik lib in Eagle V7, can download it at the given link. http://www.we-online.com/web/en/electronic_components/toolbox_pbs/Eagle_eiCan.php




Eagle CADsoft V5.7 (look like very outdated he..he..)

This version not support the lib given by element 14 and Würth Elektronik . That why I'm using the eagle latest freeware.

Should just draw them in lib. This way will be faster from solving the issue. For Würth Elektronik, I saw they also provide lib in Eagle V4.

You can try this for the older version Eagle.

Picture show other component part in the PCB layout.



CAM editor

Using to merge multiple PCB design form different Eagle version.

The picture just show the example merge product. This will not be the final or finish product.

I still need to do some measurement and edit some of the file.

For example the TI 430boostsharp96 have a lot small drill hole. Those hole need to be remove.

The given picture just show the example and explain the method use to solve the problem.



More example with color at higher resolution in PDF file. Please refer to the attached file for more detail. If you want to see them .



Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical part will be box that cover and hold up everything. It also will be the first expression to user about product or device. So normally it need to look nice .

It sound easy but when you want to do it nicely and perfectly then it will be different story.


So to make the design then you need to have the part. If you can download the part online then it will make your life easy.

For this case I need to draw them out using the given dimension and measurement dimension. Don't found any information about the 3d drawing for those component.

Tips: If possible please use the latest software to design that can support 3D then you don't need to draw on both PCB and mechanical.




Box design still in progress, I need to finish part drawing then can do assembly process to make sure the box design is correct. This also will help in part assembly, part can be organize nicely and correctly before the box making.

I may try the ECAD for BBB in future. If it work then I have a detail 3D for BBB he..he..

Picture show a box with 120mm x 120mm x 120mm and 10mm thickness.





Part and Component


Picture show example of the part that going to use for this project. Will share the information in future.


Photo 6-12-14 12 49 22 pm.jpg


MSP430 come with 3 different programing platform and this BBB come with 3 different OS platform.


This is the updated link I found. Try to make a step by step OS installation for BBB that support BB view43.


element14: BB View LCD Cape Software Download Centre[1]


element14: Quick Start Guide for BB VIEW


element14: User Manual for BB View - An LCD Expansion Cape for BeagleBone Boards






This is video clip for BMW i3 production. It quite interesting see their setup and process. See how the robot work... nice...









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