Programing code and Hardware:

Like what I guess. I really stuck at the programing coding. It take me more time then the given. The given example code from the Sensirion cannot just implemented directly in the Energia . Example code from Arduino also not working in Energia it just show so many unclear error massage.

Link to the sample code for the Sensirion sensor

Example for the given sample code:

I also cannot found any sample code from Energia for the I2C or digital bus on CC3200. The example communication for Energia Wire | Energia.

There have 2 pair of I2C can be use on CC3200. Pin 9 and pin 10 or pin 39 and pin 40.



Some modification:


I have done some modification by placing a capacitor at the 3.3V supply as a buffer for the power bank switch over when doing charging and power up again from charging mode.

Due to the power bank behavior that shut down a while when charging and discharging the micro controller will restart every time I charging the power bank and unplug the charging.


Lately bombardment with power rack design and assembly project. So take some time to catch up the programing code.

Sorry all. Just joint new working environment and don't have enough time for this project.

I will try my best to get this project running and update the progress.