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In the Air Design Challenge

6 Posts authored by: clk

Sorry for the delay in updates. Been sick with the flu and only just on the mend. A week behind schedule here so I'll be playing catch up. Here are the parts that I will be ordering today through Newark:


Designator Newark Order CodeManufacturer P/NManufacturerDescriptionQuantity Price
197K0582GP2Y1010AU0FSharpDust Sensor314.86
286W6331TPS61200Texas InstrumentsBoost DC-DC CONVERTER32.72
335R26092058943-5TE ConnectivityCable assembly31.43
438X4646BOOSTXL-IOBKOUTTexas InstrumentsIO Break-Out Board319.98
511N9283LM7321MA/NOPBTexas InstrumentsIC, OP-AMP, 20MHZ, 18V/ us52.65
675T8009PMBT3946YPNNXPTRANSISTOR, NPN/PNP, 40V, 200MA100.266

Just a quick post with my preliminary schematic.

My plan is to prototype this circuit on a shield first and then to order a custom PCB board. Finalized schematic, BOM and layout to follow.

Did a little bit of project planning along with some schematic work last night. Put together a gantt chart to keep myself on track with the competition deadline.


AirWise #3 - CC3200 Launch

Posted by clk Nov 11, 2014

I've decided to use Code Composer for my development environment. So far I have all the software installed, the LaunchPad connected, and the example project from the Getting Started Guide built. Was able to establish a LAN connection and ping the host.


For my next steps I'd like to hook up one of my sensors and have it post ADC readings online. Still working on the preliminary schematic as well.

Piecing things together and checking out some datasheets. Seems like an opportune time to add a more detailed overview and give structure to my project. I like to start with a basic flow diagram since its provides a quick visual representation of the system.


I've chosen the CC3200 as the base for my IoT sensor nodes. It has a 4 channel 12-bit ADC which I intended to make use of. Three air quality sensors have been chosen based on common air pollutants, size and cost. Part of my engineering design goals are to keep the form factor small (and ultimately pocket portable) while keeping cost to a minimum. For my air intake, I will be using a very cool piezoelectric air pump which will be driven using a PWM signal from the CC3200. The system will run from two AA batteries so a boost converter (TPS61200) will be used to generate the required 5V rail.


My next post will contain a project timeline which will include all the tasks that need to be performed and target competition dates. I intend to break the design components into sub-modules and integrate the final working system onto a single PCB. I imagine getting the CC3200 running and publishing data to the cloud as my first step. This would be followed shortly thereafter by a schematic. Once that is complete, I plan on prototyping the hardware on a launchpad break-out board.


Anit-Smog Blog #1

Posted by clk Oct 28, 2014

This is my first time as a Road Tester and I'm really excited about the challenge. Still waiting for my kit to arrive and in preparation I've started putting together a preliminary BOM and sent out sample requests to some vendors.