I am excited to be participating and humbled to be with all these other interesting proposals.  Thanks Texas Instruments and Element 14 for selecting me.

Shopping for non-electronic supplies at Canadian Tire now.


Really interested in Timothy Nott's project, as I have a birdfeeder #iot for research purposes as well. @UTMBioOrnithCam


Project: IoT Soil Humidity Detector

I would measure the soil humidity to trigger my sprinkler once a day during dry periods, and not during sunny periods, to avoid burning the plants.  I would include a flowmeter to record how much water the lawn had received (like the Adafruit iot kegbot) (since billing for water used is increasingly common) as a backup for the humidity sensor. My phone would be updated with plots of humidity and watering over time (I'd have to experiment which notification method was best, probably a text message).