Many thanks to all who applied for the Internet of the Backyard Challenge; we apologise for the delay in announcing those who have been selected, the entries gave Texas Instruments much to ponder.
As much as we would like to support even more proposals, nevertheless we have narrowed it down to the following ten challengers -
  • Janis Alnis
  • Christopher Bailey
  • Don Bertke
  • Bill Crum
  • Colin Gerrish
  • Steve Hamilton
  • Lukasz Krysiewicz
  • Timothy Nott
  • Matthias Stutz
  • Brian Sutherland
Please note: in order to give the challengers sufficient time, we are extending the final submission deadline to Friday, October 17th.  Thanks again to all who applied; best wishes to our challengers!
Not Selected? No Problem!
If you weren't picked for the challenge, yet still want to participate, please buy a TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad and start creating; please blog about your project on a weekly basis on the Internet of Things group, tag your blog posts with "iot_backyard" and be sure to tell us all about your build.