The Synopsis:


I had put this as a part of the Internet Of the Backyard Challenge, and I was accepted for the forget me not challenge. The theme for both these is IOT and I am doing just that. I recently received confirmation that I was accepted for the CC3200 roadtest and since the beyond the phone challnege, I had already purchased a lot Of TI parts, I though I would give it a go here as well. Even though I was not selected for this challenge, I still want to participate hence these posts. The project proposed here is based entirely on the CC3200 and IOT cloud services and is explained as follows:


Backyard MET system and Clothes line management system. aka "The IOT_Clothesline"


One of the problems in India when monsoons arrive is that they bring with them sudden showers and high speed winds. There is a chain of events that happen which are undesirable. In India, most of the power lines are overhead cables which are unprotected and hence if there are strong winds, there is a very good chance that a tree will fall on them or something of the sort will break them loose towards the ground. To avoid damage to pedestrians, the power company typically turns the power off till the storm has subsided and the cables have been checked... everytime! And if there is any kind of damage, you can expect the power to be out for hours, sometimes throughout the night. Now there is nothing you can do to avoid this but there is a list of connected events that we can do something about.


  • In order to dry out clothes, we put them out in the sun, however strong winds tend to blow clothing away. And if there is rain in the mix then it's "wash, rinse, repeat"
  • Strong winds without rain or before rain means that there is a dust storm. The dust storms are so bad that they can ruin everything inside the house if the windows are left open.


The project:


I will be trying to accomplish the solution to one of the above stated. The system consists of the following components:

  1. MET System: A meteorological system composed of an anemometer(wind speed sensor), rain sensor, light sensor and temperature sensor will monitor param
  2. Electronic Clothesline: A mechanical arrangement which uses a motor and pulleys to control the location of clothes hanging on a line.


The board will talk to an online weather forecast system to determine if the winds are just temporary or part of a storm. This will prevent the clothes line from opening and closing everytime there is a gust of wind.


MET system.jpg

(Proposed System)


Additionally it will talk to an MQTT server posting status and receiving control messages. I am not worried about security right now since I have a different plan for that. I will be focusing on the implementation and the code.


Wish me luck