This morning I woke up to the smell of fresh cut grass outside...



(Thanks Google+ for automatically enhancing this pic of mine)


Reminded me to start establishing and enhancing my knowledge of what grass growing is all about, especially as grass growth is now slowing as its passed the summer peak. Thankfully there is plenty of green grass in Ireland to use as a test bed and I am now using this project as the excuse not to cut my grass.


So what will my little backyard IoT device be looking at. Time to start taking more pictures (especially as the sun was out).



Looks long enough to hopefully provide a super test bed for my prototype. Best get measuring to quantify how big or how small my "stick" should be. Time to make use of that free Adafruit ruler I received the other day... looks ideal.



And there it is, like a scene from that classic film "2001: A space odyssey"... my very own miniature monolith... lets hope my design gets to look that good.