Just finished a very frustrating day trying to download TI software.


It probably did not help that I am suffering from a nasty sinus headache, but I tried to just follow the directions.

Problem, it seems that you need a special App to load the updated CCS software.  Now at no point does the download sequence identify this app, but windows 7 and 8.1 both had no clue and I hate guessing games, so I just put it away and went on with other things I could do.


I did manage to upgrade CCS 5.5, but I have not yet confirmed that it is usable with the CC3200.


A note to TI, 6 point type is NEVER acceptable for a document.  I swear I am going to find the person that approved this and beat them with a stick.


Next step is to wait for my head to clear, but as some of you who have allergies know, that could take a number of weeks.

So I will try to go back and read the start up guide and see if I can glean the proper sequence.


Good news is that I am finally able to clear up my workspace so that I can prototype my circuits for testing.


Step by step, but this project is clearly going to take more time than I had thought.