First I would like to thank element14 and TI for choosing me as one of the RoadTesters for the Internet of the Backyard Challenge.


For my project I will design a watering system for a backyard garden which will not only keep track of the moisture of the soil to determine how much water is needed, but also keep small animals like squirrels away from the plants by spraying water if it senses their presence.


The basic layout of the project will include electrically controlled (solenoid) water valves, a water flow sensor, moisture sensor, a passive infrared sensor (PIR), and possibly other sensors for weather data. The flow sensor will be connected to a y-connector (or multi-connector) and then to one or more solenoid valves which will control flow to the garden. I will most likely be using a perforated hose laying on the soil for the main water supply and a sprinkler to fend off small animals. The water flow sensor will help me gauge water usage and determine how much water is needed for the desired moisture level. The system will be controlled by the TI CC3200 controller board and Fuel Tank Boosterpack. If my budget allows I may use solar power to keep the Fuel Tank Boosterpack powered.


I have already looked at the initial parts I would like to use, and now just have to check what additional parts I will need to put all of this together.


Till next week!