This is the second video in a series (Not sure how many there will be yet but a few) that takes you through the installation of the Enocean Pi module, installing Fhem home automation software and checking out the basic functionality wit the Sensor Kit


The kit comes with the wireless Temperature module, a wireless Switch Module (4 way) and a wireless contact module (reed relay and a magnet)


None of the modules require a battery or other external power, they contain a super cap and a solar panel though it is mentioned in the documentation that you can add a couple of batteries if needed for extended in the dark operation

They all utilise energy harvesting technology to power the radio sensor nodes. The main EnOcean Pi transceiver is of course powered by the PI itself.

Once the cap is charged the sensors can run for up to 4 days or more without a top-up


Here is the video


BE WARNED: Some of the updates shown took well over 30 minutes to complete, be patient and wait for it to finish, it will get there

I cut out the long waiting parts to save you having to wait with me lol.