This is an introduction to two videos I am producing to show the setup of the new RPI B+ and then the installation of the EnOcean Pi module and first time use of the Sensor Kit


The PI Setup including WIFI Raspberry PI Model B+ Quick Set-up (1/2 Hour Guide from unpack to GUI and WIFI)

EnOcean and Fhem setup Raspberry Pi B+ and the EnOcean Sensor Kit - install and initial testing


you will se in the videos that the process to go from boxed PI B+ board and empty SD card to a working system is no more than about 30 Minutes


Then you will see how the prep and subsequent install of the EnOcean drivers and Fhem home automation software will take over an hour to complete due to a rather long process of updating the firmware and libraries of the PI, but be patient, it will get there


In later videos we will look at publishing out the data from the PI to the internet web site EVRYTHNG - Every Thing Connected where you can track, personalize and generally watch / manage your IoT device, go have a look, it is an interesting site and you may find it handy for one or more of your projects