GPS & LCD connected to CC3200



GPS - quectell L80


LCD - PCD8544 ( nokia 5510)

48x84 monochrome display




device initialization

- after start check:

a) gps module (get actual position and time)

b) access point connection (connect to defined ap)



weather forecast module

- after SW2 push


a) connect to "openweathermap.org"

b) get forecast data for every 3 hours

c) show data for next 9 hours


every 3 hours weather forecast is showing on 3 screens:

- weather icon  screen (sun, clouds, rain, tornado, hurricane, etc.)

- weather data  screen (wind speed, temperature, presure, humidity, clouds, fall )

- emoticon screen

  good weather  ( smilling face )

  bad weather   ( neutral face )

  fatal weather ( sad face)      




device initialization


weather forecast




Lukasz, Poland