I''ve been collecting things for a while now and I'm set (also probably at $200, although I went to a lot of sales)


  • Windows Computer (that was the hardest thing to find, I'm a Mac/UNIX guy)
  • TI SDK - so far, so good


Adafruit Sensors

  • Two flow meters to experiment with tracking the water used by the system; clamp on ultrasonic doppler flowmeter is probably too expensive, but would be preferable, energy-wise
  • Two soil humidity sensors to evaluate if the lawn needs watering
  • eTape Liquid level sensor (to read rainwater barrel level so as to cache the water used)


      Hardware Stores

  • RF watering control solenoid (Clearance item in the Rona mega deals bargain tent, photo below)
  • 40 W Coleman solar panel, to power the whole thing (half price sale at Canadian Tire)
  • Hoses



App Development

  • iOS8 on iPhone 4
  • iOS8 XCode
  • iPhone 6 (on order) - NFC Proximity Authentication Testing