I picked up a helper to move the engineering side along a little more quickly, so I finally have some time to post. As a total rookie, the learning curve to get the TI to bend to my will is pretty wicked.


The last month+ has flown by. The biggest challenge we have faced is getting bird photos taken. Would have been amazing if the TI camera booster pack had ever become a reality as an off-the-shelf product. Oh well!


A close contender for number one challenge has been the behavior of the birds themselves. No matter how good the tech is, the wetware has to cooperate. After trying several locations that would work with the hardware implementation, we finally found a spot where birds would come to the feeder. Never thought we'd have that problem. I suppose if I had put the thing within reach of squirrels, I could have used them for testing, instead. But, we'd rather have the real thing.


Hoping we can iron out all the kinks as we head down the home stretch! We've had a lot of interest from the community in getting a prototype. Seems like paying humans might be easier to find than hungry birds!