I would like to update you with my Design Challenge.


I was originally going to design a water system for my wife's square foot garden.


Shortly after being notified I won a kit, my health turned bad, and I got extremely ill for a long time. I have been battling back from that illness ever since.


I appreciated Element14 for being so generous to me and giving me a kit. I have only been able to read through some of the API's and do some simple applications with it. The TI CC3200 LaunchPad is a fantastic board. It far exceeds my expectations of it. TI has has made working with the board a breeze. I am going to enjoy developing with this board when I am better.


So, I am very sorry to disappoint anybody, especially the Element14 staff. I was not able to even use my design money provided by Element14.


I am healing now and hopefully Element14 will consider me for a future road test.