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Internet of the Backyard

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DAB update Oct 4.

Posted by DAB Top Member Oct 4, 2014
So far the medication is not clearing my head, but I thought I would share my design so that others can copy any useful bits.   As I stated earlier, I am using a RF circuit to catch the electromagnetic pulse for a lightning strike. Basically, you have a piece of wire connected to a 10 Meg ohm resistor coupled to an op amp with a capacitor. The prototype circuit I made picked up the signature of the switching power supply I used for the test, so the circuit works.  I will have to loo ...

Backyard Challenge Update.

Posted by DAB Top Member Sep 12, 2014
Hi All,   Just a short update.  My head is still fuzzy, but we have a cold front coming through, so I hope to get something done this weekend.   I did sketch out a design for the lightning and flash detection circuit using a LM324 chip. I should get it working soon and test it out.   Still not able to follow the start up procedures.  It is so frustrating to read something over and over and still not be able to do the simple steps.   I did receive my surprise pa ...

DAB Backyard Challenge Blog 3

Posted by DAB Top Member Aug 24, 2014
Just finished a very frustrating day trying to download TI software.   It probably did not help that I am suffering from a nasty sinus headache, but I tried to just follow the directions. Problem, it seems that you need a special App to load the updated CCS software.  Now at no point does the download sequence identify this app, but windows 7 and 8.1 both had no clue and I hate guessing games, so I just put it away and went on with other things I could do.   I did manage to upg ...

DAB Backyard Challeng Blog #2

Posted by DAB Top Member Aug 18, 2014
Great day, my boards arrived from Element 14 today. Did more research on the RF lightning detector and looked at some options for the flash detector. I plan to keep both simple so that they are easy to build for others interested in duplicating my work.   I was hoping to make some measurements over the weekend, but in true murphy fashion, none of the thunderstorms triggered. Just like a taxi, they are never around when you need one.    I also ordered part of my surprise. &# ...
Hi all,   I want to thank Element 14 and Texas Instruments for selecting me for the challenge.   Project overview. I had initially proposed to implement a lightning sensor or a birdfeeder defense against squirrels.  I chose the lightning sensor, both because I need it for my photography work, but also because I had a brilliant idea, which will remain a surprise for now. In my area, Ohio USA, we get a fair number of lightning storms each year.  In August/September, we can ...