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Internet of the Backyard

2 Posts authored by: bksutherland
I''ve been collecting things for a while now and I'm set (also probably at $200, although I went to a lot of sales)   Windows Computer (that was the hardest thing to find, I'm a Mac/UNIX guy) TI SDK - so far, so good   Adafruit Sensors Two flow meters to experiment with tracking the water used by the system; clamp on ultrasonic doppler flowmeter is probably too expensive, but would be preferable, energy-wise Two soil humidity sensors to evaluate if the lawn needs watering eTape Li ...


Posted by bksutherland Aug 13, 2014
I am excited to be participating and humbled to be with all these other interesting proposals.  Thanks Texas Instruments and Element 14 for selecting me. Shopping for non-electronic supplies at Canadian Tire now.   Really interested in Timothy Nott's project, as I have a birdfeeder #iot for research purposes as well. @UTMBioOrnithCam   Project: IoT Soil Humidity Detector Synopsis: I would measure the soil humidity to trigger my sprinkler once a day during dry periods, and not ...