1. Introduction of the design

Design a kind of Glider with wheels to roll on road and floating barrel to float on water.

The glider is driven by propellers and Wheels are passive.

So the glider can not fly in this challenge, but it is ready to be thrown by hand landed on road or lake, if not crashed.

2. Schedule

- Evaluation blog to STM32-L476 and BlueNRG board.(1 blog)

- Demo design on mbed.org..(1 blog)

- MBED program for L476+BlueNRG to link mobile via evothings..(2 blog)

- Making of structure of glider .(1 blog)

- Make of propeller and motor for the glider .(1 blog)

- Mounting the Boards one the clumsy Glider .(1 blog)

- Test and run the glider .(1~3 blog)

- Final Show of the design

3. Hard ware and software

Nucleo-L476RG and extension board of BlueNRG shall be used for remote control by mobile

Two motors shall be controlled by ST-STM32L476-nucleo to move forward or turn left or right.

Software of CubeMX for ST shall be used.

4. Challenge and Afterward

The plane can not fly on air, but can float on water and move on road. Driven by propeller.

I would design PCB board integrating L476 and BLE chip to make the glider self-pilot.


This picture is a toy, I would make it sizable for Nucleo board and batteries.