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Smart Drive


Thank you for stopping at my first blog post for IoT on Wheels Design Challenge!

I like exploring different ideas and I'm very happy that the idea of my project has been selected for this challenge.

STM32L4 is a new MCU for me. It has a very impressive specs in terms of performance and power consumption. I think it should be a good fit for my Smart Drive project, where processing power as important as power consumption..


I'd like to build a collaborative system, that will connect different participants on the wheels. They will be able to share data collected during their travels, Especially valuable will be data related to events like emergency breaking, collisions, crashes, this data will be linked to the position, speed and other information collected from the sensors.


Description - What and Why

There are different types of wheals on the road. You may ride your bike, drive a car, commute by bus/train or getting around in a wheelchair. The road may be full of surprises. Not all of them are good for you.. It will be great to be prepared for unexpected. How about to be advised by a friend or community in advance?


These drawing illustrates a high level idea of sharing information with community, where all participants going to benefit from the shared data. On-board Processing component is using on-board sensors and data shared by community to generate real-time alerts. These alerts then get passed to the community.



Smartdrive project description

These drawing illustrates how real-time processing should work. The real-time processing is enabled by on-board components.Once a condition is detected the notification will be created. In case of "false alarm" it will be manually suppressed. In addition to sharing valid alerts with community emergency contacts may be notified in case of dangerous situations.

The components provided by Element14 and the sponsor will be complemented by a GNSS receiver, a buzzer, lights, rechargeable battery and a button.

Key Principles

1. Protect privacy (not share any personal identifiable information)

2. Keep it open and transparent

     a. Open APIs for data sharing

     b. Open source (all code is open source)

     c. Open for ideas

3. Do not distract from the road (minimize false positives as much as possible)

4. Keep it simple (interface should be as simple as possible)



Thank you for being with me so far. As I'm still early in the design process you can very well influence it. I'd like to ask for a constructive feedback.

How do you feel about the idea?

Tell me about your experience of being in a dangerous situation while on the wheels.

What do you like and dislike about the design?

What would you like to change in the design?

How would you feel about sharing this type of information (without providing any personal details)?

I'll really appreciate if you can provide some input.