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As I mentioned in my previous blog post, one of the main components of this project is the locking mechanism. I need to develop an O lock which I can make IoT connected. In order to this I am making a quick prototype using 3D modeling and printing for a proof of concept (as I only have access to a plastic printer, and that would serve no real purpose as a bike lock material). The first mock up of this lock is simply an O shaped ring which houses another O shaped ring that is pushed by a gear to complete the O. For a better understanding of that awfully worded idea, see below:


This will be attached to a DC motor which drives the gear. The DC motor will then be attached to an Infineon DC Motor Driver cape for Arduino, which will attach to the Arduino compatible GPIO on the STM32 board. Below is a block diagram for the basics of this project.



Once I had the idea, and a basic model of what I want the lock to look like, I started the 3D modeling process. Below are 3 images which show you what I was able to create.


Once I had these modeled, it was time to print. I used an Afina H800 and ABS plastic for these prints, as this is the best 3D printer I currently have access to. Below are some pictures of the final outcome!

Now onto writing the code to actually get the stepper motor working and get a functional lock!