1. All the design shall be based on mbed development environment for easy of use and good compatibility with STM-Nucleo board. It is not the case for other brand. In fact the mbed is not fully open sources, some definition is out of the reach of developers.

Meantime, the mbed keeps evolving, it can be seen that the source link of  https://developer.mbed.org/  has been changed into https://os.mbed.com/ , when mbed OS 5 is published. That is interesting to tracing the pace of ARM in mbed project.

2. The following screenshot shows how mbed works.

This is especially good for IoT prototype. One can change the hardware platform even without any modification to codes on mbed. At the end of the blog, I will show how to port the project to Nucleo-STM-F401 board. There would be few change to the code.

3. I have make one demo project in as flyme_test,


As you can see that, the layout is like most of the IDE like IAR, or Eclipse. One can use it without refer to any manual. The memory usage Diagram can be of help for big design.

One can import useful library for hardware used in the project. Fortunately, I have found and all of the necessary library for my design. That would make a quick design and deployment.