Week 3 - Sep 18 - 24


                         Below is the overall layout/ plan of the traffic predictor project


Module 1: Traffic prediction with machine learning on an added advantage of mass storage capability of the STM32 Nucleo-64 development board



Nucleo L476RG boardMbed Compiler/ VS Code
GPS sensorGMaps API
Wi-Fi Expansion boardMATLAB & Arduino (Mobile Application)


This holds the key functionality of the project. Data will be collected from user such as,

  1. Location
  2. Time
  3. Traffic

The collected data is machine learned to develop a pattern with time & traffic in a particular location. This will help users avoid traffic.


Module 2: Auto-pilot mode with predefined speed using Sensor Expansion board


Components: Module1's components +

Sensor Expansion board


While on traffic one would easily get bored up. Enabling an auto-pilot mode with a predefined speed from data collected & real-time feed will help one relax.


Module 3: Speed adjustment with correspondence to current vehicular movement and real-time traffic


Components: Module1, 2's components +

IR sensor

The real-time feed is obtained through calculating the position of other vehicles from our vehicle. This is used for adjusting the speed of the vehicle.


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