Hello everyone,


This weeks update is a flow chart on how the computer will work with the sensors and how I plan the programming. I am also going to blog about the software I plan to use to program the Nucleo.


First the flow chart:



I hope this is fairly easy to follow (it makes sense to me anyway ) The Nucleo is at the heart of my design and everything branches off from there. I will have the WiFi module and the sensor board attached. I will be making a sensor for the steering wheel to make sure your hands are on the wheel. There is also going to be a heart rate monitor a vibration sensor and a confirmation light and button. With this all put together and the programming done right it will sense how tired you are and let you know when to stop driving.


As for  programming the Nucleo I will first use Mbed OS 5 https://os.mbed.com/  This looks to be what I need to use and I will also review the ease of this.


A quick note on the Nucleo-64 and the expansion boards. They came nicely packaged and with a card of info on each one. The Nucleo-64 and expansion boards are very impressive and will more then do the job I am set out to do. The only thing missing is a USB type A to mini B cable. Luckily I have a lot laying around but it could have been awkward if I didn't.


That is it for this blog, next one will be on the programming and making of some sensors.


Thank you

Dale W