IoT Platforms and Connections

Choosing A Platform

To connect my bike lock to the Internet of Things, I needed to find a platform which allowed me to easily upload and control the data that I push from the STM32 Nucleo board to the Internet and eventually the users device. After looking into multiple options, such as Amazon's AWS, Microsoft's Azure, and IBM's Watson/Bluemix. Based on my experiences with the sign up processes and amount of documentation I chose to use Microsoft's platform moving forward. After making this choice I was also lucky enough to have $100 in free Microsoft Azure credit given to me at a tech talk I attended.


You can find more information about all 3 platforms with the following links:

IBM Watson/Bluemix

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure and IoT Capabilities

I started connecting to Microsoft Azure by following the documentation. I first created an IoT Hub, and Event Hub and a Device Provisioning Service, and linked the three services/hubs together. Once this was done I went into the IoT Hub and added a device, which allowed me to get my connection string and keys which I will use to connect the STM32 Nucleo to the IoT Hub.

I will now be focusing my work on linking my STM32 Nucleo, sending data from the sensor board, and pushing that through to my Ionic application.



Ionic Code

As requested I have made a GitHub repository for my Ionic Application. I have opted to only upload the files that I am editing, as GitHub limits each upload to only 100 files and it would take me awhile to upload the entire project, however I will add a detailed ReadMe file that will allow one to add the proper supporting files and libraries used to get a working and functioning app.