For this weeks blog I am going over the sensors I am using to bring this project together. I was very happy to have all my sensors arrive yesterday as my project would be useless without them.


Below is a picture and brief explanation of each sensor I am including in the project:



So lets start from the top:


Big sound sensor - This will be placed at the rear of the vehicle to pick up car horns. If the driver is sleeping at a traffic light and didn't hear the horn, the computer will alert the driver with vibrations and a louder interior sound.


Small sound sensor - This will be attached to a hat that the driver wears and will be located so it can pick up driver sounds like snoring.


Digital temperature sensor - Checks for car interior temperature. To high of a temperature will increase drowsiness so this will alert you when the temperature hits the warning level.


Ball switch sensor - This is going to be located on the dash of the car. If you swerve or hit the rumble cuts in the road this will set of the alarm.


Tilt switch sensor - This will be located on the drivers hat. If the driver is to nod off this will cause the alarm to go off.


Heartbeat sensor - Keeps track of the drivers heart rate. If the heart rate slows, this is an indication of getting dangerously tired.




As you can see there are a lot of sensors to check the drivers behavior and level of tiredness. I feel very confident this project will save lives, whether it is used for fatigue alert or even distracted driving, it is worth having this in your car.


I plan to do another post this week with more pictures and coding.


Dale Winhold