GPS Module

I've purchased a GPS module VK2828U7G5LF. It is based on UBX-M8030-KT chip, antenna and UART interface.


Testing GPS

I've used USB TTL serial converter to connect my GPS module to PC. The manufacturer of UBX-M8030-KT chip provides free software u-blox u-center to test and configure GPS module. It is very useful tool to start working with GPS module and debug protocol and controller behavior..

u-blox provides AssistNow feature for better precision. It is quite important for ant road related application. I've registered on u-blox site and got the token to use this technology. I've entered the token in the application and got data from the server. But my attempts to load this data into GPS Module failed. I suspect it may be a limitation of my GPS module.

Connecting GPS Module to Arduino

There is a lot of code samples for this GPS module built for Arduino platform.

I've looked at several of them:

Tiny GPS ( TinyGPS | Arduiniana  )

Tiny GPS Plus ( TinyGPS++ | Arduiniana  )

UBX GPS MultipleMessages (  )

I've selected the last one as it focus on performance and small code footprint. As well code includes configuration sequence for GPS module, which simplifies configuration process,

The small code size was especially important as it simplified the process of porting the code from Arduino to Nucleo development environment.

It was pretty simple to connect the module to UART interface on Arduino board and run tests.



It was my first experience working with GPS module. I'm generally happy with results so far.

The next steps is to explore STM32L47RG serial interface and connect it to GPS module.