This project has been a marathon of exploration and learning, ending up with a whirlwind of blogging and trying to document the project. I have been at it non-stop for 3 days now and I have not had any time to reflect back on the project. However, I wanted to get some preliminary thoughts down before the project closes. I will likely add more later if I realize my initial material is missing key points.

In my proposal, I kept the goals pretty simple, or so I thought. There was nothing easy about this project, despite being supplied with a great kit of powerful hardware..

I had put in a couple of stretch goals that were too risky to promise results but were of great interest to me  - set up a LoRa radio system and try to measure fuel level using acoustic resonance. These type of extra goals that take you into unknown territory are one of the most beneficial aspects of these design challenges and I am glad I tackled these particular technologies in this challenge.

I had mixed success on both fronts but looking at it as a learning journey, exploring the Nucleo environment and the stretch goal technologies, it turned out to be a most enjoyable project. There is a lot of satisfaction in tackling hard things - even just finding out you have the perseverance to dive in and press forward when things are not working well is worthwhile. I definitely maxed out on effort, sometimes to the detriment of spending time blogging.

What I did accomplish though was a very nice Nucleo L476RG mobile instrumentation platform that fits well on my motorcycle. The case has lots of room for more sensors and electronics and the Nucleo MCU has tons of horsepower to handle more tasks.

I would like to profusely thank element14 and STMicorelectonics for sponsoring this this very topical design challenge - it has provided wonderful motivation to tackle interesting and difficult technologies. Encouragement and interaction from other element14 members was a special benefit of this forum and it really adds to the enjoyment factor.

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IoT On Wheels Design Challenge page


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  • 16 blogs
  • 18 videos
  • 1 custom PCB
  • 1 gigantic amount of learning


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