It appears I have not anticipated the issues that I faced in this project challenge. Unfortunately I had to devote lot of time in researching Azure documentation to fulfill my goal of providing a mobile app for both Android and iOS using Xamarin Forms technology. But the final result is that I could not meet my goals. Even after compromising to provide a set of Console apps, I couldn't meet all the goals. The issues I faced are as follows:


  1. Not able to access Azure services through Xamarin Forms. Azure API is not yet servicing Xamarin Forms.
  2. There are many Xamarin examples available but they have been done using Xamarin Native programming technique. That is the Azure APIs are available for native Android platform. So I will have to do the GUI in Native Android but using Xamarin technology. I am not conversant with Android native GUI techniques. So I couldn't dare to do it. It would take much more time. May be I will pursue that line hereafter as the pressure of challenge will not be there any more.
  3. Unfortunately the Azure documents were changing as new services were added. Few things that I have done some 6 months ago, I don't find those guides any more. I had problems in reading Azure Storage Tables. Sending data to storage etc.
  4. Since I was using the Free Azure account, suddenly I found that I had only $10 credit. This happened as I was trying the Azure IoT Suite. The built-in project consumed so many resources that all my $150 credit was gone in just 3 days. It was bit late by the time I realized it.
  5. In between the release of new iOS, new Windows and associated updates to Xamarin all contributed to delays as these updates were not completely smooth. I am still having issues with iOS simulators.
  6. Also struggle with RTC (Reat Time Clock) in STM module after the daytime saving changes. It was not able to reach to the RTC site. Took some time to debug and change the site name.
  7. Mean time I had few health issues and had heavy work load at office last week.


I too had high hopes on this project scope but unfortunately I couldn't meet my goals. But I will continue to work on this idea and hope I will be able to make it work finally soon.


I wish good luck to those who completed their project.