In previous blogs, I have shown the Main Menu of the Mobile App. In this blog I will explain the "Setup New Device" option in that menu. Below is the screenshot of this page on Android Emulator running Marshmallow image.

Mobile app - Setup New Device Page


The various components are described here:

  1. Device Model #: The format of this value is two letters followed by two numbers. This will be used in forming the Device Id for cloud access purpose. These indicate as follows,
    1. The 1st letter indicates the Connectivity as follows.
      1. C - Cellular only - When only this connectivity is possible, the WiFi details pane (shown in grey in the above picture) will be disabled as those details need not be input.
      2. W - WiFi only - When this connectivity is possible, the WiFi panel will be enabled.
      3. B - Both Cellular and WiFi connectivity
    2. The 2nd letter indicates the Cloud Service available as follows,
      1. M - Microsoft Azure (Currently this is the only option coded)
      2. A - Amazon Web Services (This service is under examination)
      3. G - Google Web Services (This is not yet considered and meant for future expansion)
    3. The last two digits indicate the version of the hardware board, where the 1st digit is the Major version and the 2nd digit is the Minor version.
  2. Device Serail #: This can take any number of digits. This also will be used in setting the Device Id for cloud access purposes.
  3. WiFi Details pane: This pane will be enabled only if the Model # doesn't start with C.
    1. WiFi SSID: This is the WiFi Network Name.
    2. WiFi Password: Though this is shown in clear text in the screenshot, it will actually be masked with a button to show it momentarily (which is the general practice now for mobile apps).
  4. Unit of Temperature: The button with red border indicates the current selection.
  5. Threshold Temperature: This value is the temperature, in the units selected above, when crossed an alert will be sent to the contact details that will entered next.
  6. Alert Mobile #: This is the mobile phone number to which SMS text message will be sent if cellular connectivity is enabled on the board. However push notifications will anyway be sent for all configurations. The mobile number will be verified by sending a notification to it. Until it is confirmed no alerts will be sent to it.
  7. Alert E-mail Address: When an alert situation occurs an email will be sent to this address if given. This email will be validated by sending a confirmation email. Until it is confirmed no alerts will be sent.
  8. "PROVISION NEW DEVICE" Button: This button will be enabled only after the Model # and Serial # are entered as these two values are needed to formulate the Device Id under which the device is provisioned in the cloud service. When this button is tapped, the designated cloud service will be contacted and the Device Id will be registered with it so that the device can send sensor data to be stored in the cloud. After registering the device with the cloud service, all the details will be sent to the device via Bluetooth so that the device initializes with the parameters and start sending data to the cloud.


The two fields above the button are for development purposes and will not appear in the Release version of the app.