In this blog post I will describe the program that shows live data after formatting it to general user readable form as shown in the following screenshot.

Console app - Show Live Data


Each data received is shown in two rows. The top row shows the Date & Time the sensor data was sampled and the data message number (after the device was powered). The bottom row shows the Temperature, Humidity % and whether the temperature read is above the Threshold Temperature set (which is 86 F). I have created the alert situation by exposing the temperature sensor to warm light bulb. Note the Message numbers 14, 15 & 16. The temperature read is above 86 F and indicates that the Alert Occurred.


The console program name is vc_device_live_data and this is to be run in the cmd window or double-clik the vc_device_live_data.exe file.


I would like to share few web links that form the basis for my code. I forgot to share them in the earlier blogs. They are:

Console App - Setup New Device - Go to the section on Create a device identity.

Console App - Show Live Data - Go to the section on Receive device-to-cloud messages.