This is the final blog on my project for this challenge. The videos I am attaching is of the finished project. The first video is of the finished project description, showing the different parts put together. The second video is of it working in the vehicle. I am very happy how it turned out and that it works so well. I feel it will make a difference the way we drive and more aware of how tired we are while driving. This will also work well to stop distracted driving by alerting you when you aren't paying attention.


There are many I want to thank so if I missed anyone I apologise. First is our sponsor STMicroelectronics with Duratool, without them this challenge wouldn't have been possible. I want to thank Element14 for all their support and backing. I want to thank the members for all their help in making my project better. I want to especially thank my wife Claudia and kids Chrystal and Nicholas for putting up with being ignored for the past few weeks (Chrystal did help when she had time!! Thank you honey!!)


So here it is:



Thanks to everyone who followed my project


Dale Winhold