I would like to thank all those who were involved in sending me the Grand prize and Finisher prizes of IoT on Wheels design challenge, Element14 and sponsors Duratool & ST Microelectronics. This blog is to update the senders that these prizes have been received with thanks and also to motivate the community members for participating in design challenges and road tests to grab some prizes along with the ton of knowledge they will gain when they complete. My special thanks to danzima and Mindi for organizing prizes and letting me know the Status of shipment. There was a twist in the Grand prize. Segway Mini Pro could not be delivered to me due to some issues Mindi and team had. So Mindi approached me with a deal that a small list of $600 could be made as a replacement. That sure really is a nice deal? Isn’t it.


My list had Apple iPad Pro 9.7, Apple Pencil and a Soldering station plus some solder wire from Element14 India site.


From January it is like a package received almost for 2 days. I think Santa’s a bit late to India Since I stay away from the shipping address I had provided, I was not able to make an unboxing video. But I have managed to make a little show of the prizes in the below video.


There are still more prizes to be delivered. So stay tuned for updates.



Updated Date: February 03, 2018.

Last week I received a part of the Grand Prize - Oculus Rift and Touch VR. Below is the unboxing video. Hope this encourages others to participate in design challenges Also serve as motivation for Pi Chef Design Challenge contestants to complete their projects.



New Date: March 31, 2018.

Last week I received the final part of the Grand Prize - Duratool Crimp Kit, Weller battery powered soldering iron and some solder wire. Below is the unboxing video. Hope this encourages community members to participate in Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge.




With this the saga of the Christmas Santa Claus with my prizes ends!


Thanks again danzima for your wonderful support in helping me receive these prizes.



Dixon Selvan