Useful post on "hot to get ideas for applications from Nigel Harris and others:


Here's some more info on accessible leisure from my post there:



Some useful information on people facing barriers in game accessibility can be delved into here (see the forums section especially): and here:


It's not too hard to imagine some of the barriers people might be facing in leisure with physical activities, if they can't freely get around. Sometimes the requirements are too demandingly precise / out-of-reach / too strenuous / too painful.


  • The Wii remote and Playstation Six-Axis have long been a difficulty for many physically disabled players.
  • VR games provide similar difficulties. Imagine being unable to move your neck but desperately wanting to interact with something VR only.
  • Sports like Bowling, Pool, Golf etc. are hard to have full independent control over for someone unable to use the traditional kit.
  • Barriers to toys that are fun to play are legion. Think about sight/hearing/physical/cognitive barriers.


These links may point towards something that can be improved upon: (TecTetra motorised system to move a Wii remote). (Various Bowling systems - none of which assist with aiming). (Accessible Pool systems). (Dog Ball system). (Accessible Playgrounds). (Cup pourer for cooking etc.). (Pan and Tilt system for a camera - something like this for a phone would be fantastic - perhaps using iOS Switch Recipes for a switch user to take photos for iPhone/iPad users at least). (Scary stuff). (Drinks pourer). (Access to art using standard accessibility switches). (Robotar) (Fun stuff with Nerf guns / water-pistols) (Some basic stuff for using with standard accessibility switches).


A lot of the stuff above is either rare, out-of-reach expensive or just a one-off. So much could be done for boosting access to leisure and creative opportunities. Sometimes people won't ask for stuff because they have no idea it's possible. Definitely a good idea to try to track down some people to try your creations who are facing barriers.